Monday, November 13, 2017

T-shirt sweater design Part 2

I was eager to start crocheting, so I decided to start with one half of the back, starting from the bottom. Here is what I have so far:

It is sloping up on one side just the way I was hoping it would!  I struggled for a while about how to do the increases, but settled on doing sc2tog a few stitches from the edge to keep things neater.  I tried to find a good way to increase by a single stitch, but the stitch pattern makes that very awkward, since it is made up of two stitches that alternate with the rows above and below.  In other words, the pattern requires that the row you are working into consists of alternating sc and ch stitches.  If you decrease by a single stitch, you end up with two scs or two chs in a row, which throws you off until you decrease again.  I was concerned that decreasing by two would look choppy, but keeping the increase away from the edge seems to have taken care of that.

In addition to crocheting, I have been working on a schematic using Autodesk Graphic for iPad.  It's a vector graphics program that you can use if Illustrator is a bit too rich for your blood ;) Here is what I have so far:

The picture is not coming out very clearly, I will try to fix it.  But I'm having fun with the program, and the schematic is much easier to work with than my messy paper and pencil version.

I'll be back soon with more progress!

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